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    Experienced Alabama Attorney and Business Administrator

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    A partner in the Birmingham law firm of Gentle Turner Sexton and Harbison, LLC, Edgar Gentle has done extensive work as a neutral settlement administrator, facilitating agreements that total more than $2.5 billion. He has written articles on his most significant cases, such as the Tolbert PCB settlement, which appear on the law firm’s website. Before accepting his current position in 1992, Edgar Gentle served as a partner in the firm of Miller, Hamilton, Snider and Odom; an associate with the Birmingham law offices of James L. North; and a senior staff attorney with AT&T in Atlanta, Georgia.

    In addition to his achievements as an attorney, Edgar Gentle serves as the director and chairman of the board of Custom Cable Services, Inc., an organization that generates $13 million in annual sales. His duties with Custom Cable include guaranteeing company loans and ensuring that the organization stays in good financial standing. He currently holds one-third of the stocks for this Fultondale, Alabama-based company.

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    University of Alabama School of Law



    University of Oxford


    BA and MA in Jurisprudence

    University of Miami


    M.S., Natural Resource Management/Economics

    Auburn University


    B.S., Biology

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    A law graduate of the University of Alabama, Edgar “Ed” Gentle has served as an attorney and...
    An Alabama-based attorney, Edgar "Ed" Gentle has served as a partner at the firm of Gentle Turner...
    Edgar “Ed” Gentle is a partner and attorney at Gentle, Turner, Sexton, and Harbison, LLC, in...
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