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About the ACAM Benchbook

Ed Gentle

A law graduate of the University of Alabama, Edgar “Ed” Gentle has served as an attorney and court-appointed special master with Gentle Turner Sexton and Harbison, LLC in Birmingham, Alabama, for more than 25 years. An active member of the legal field, Ed Gentle belongs to professional groups such as the Academy of Court Appointed Masters (ACAM).

The only national organization devoted to developing best practices and research into the use of court adjuncts, court monitors, and other special masters in the courtroom, ACAM has provided education, guidance, and professional development opportunities to its members since its first national conference in 2004. Among other benefits and initiatives, the organization maintains the ACAM Benchbook.
Packed with valuable guidance about how and when to use special masters, the ACAM Benchbook is designed for lawyers and judges in the civil justice system. The book is divided into six sections, which cover topics ranging from ethical issues in the special master system to an overview of special master appointment types. Additionally, the volume contains sample appointment orders and an index of federal and state guidelines related to appointing special masters.
The ACAM Benchbook is available free of charge in PDF format. To download it, please visit

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