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Applying for the Rhodes Scholarship

Ed Gentle

Edgar (Ed) Gentle, an Alabama-based attorney, has comprehensive experience serving as a special master and claims administrator in mass tort litigation. A graduate of Auburn University, Ed Gentle won a prestigious Rhodes Scholarship and attended Oxford University where he earned both a bachelor of arts with honors in jurisprudence and a master of arts degree.

Each year, 32 students from the United States are named recipients of the Rhodes Scholarship, one of the most respected international fellowship awards in the world. The American students, recognized for their outstanding academic achievements, exemplary character, and potential for leadership within their chosen disciplines, join over 95 winners from around the globe in an opportunity to earn a degree at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.
In order to apply for the scholarship, students begin an extensive process in the spring of their junior year. In addition to securing between five and eight letters of recommendation, they must also receive an endorsement from their school, write a personal statement, and submit documentation of their transcripts, activities, and citizenship. Finalists are asked to participate in an interview in which scholarship committee members explore candidates’ primary interests and personal statements. These interviews are an opportunity for a candidate to engage in an intellectual dialogue that helps committee members determine the alignment of a candidate’s strengths with the overarching goals of the scholarship.

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