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Pond Mountain Tales by Edgar Gentle

Edgar Gentle

For the last 25 years, Edgar Gentle has served as a partner at the Birmingham, Alabama, law firm Gentle Turner Sexton and Harbison, LLC. He is also a director and board chairman with Custom Cable Services, Inc. Beyond his professional activities, Edgar Gentle enjoys writing poetry and short fiction. He published his collection Pond Mountain Tales through Xlibris.

Pond Mountain Tales chronicles, at times fictitiously, the author’s 11-year stay on a 200-acre farm with his family and their eight dogs. Other animals that make regular appearances in the book, range from vultures to blue herons. Bass also play a key role in the collection, particularly when it comes to the competitiveness between bass fishermen.
What differentiates Pond Mountain Tales from other nature-oriented collections is how the book juxtaposes farm life with the author’s professional obligations, perhaps best outlined in a humorous exchange between a successful plaintiff lawyer and a chemical manufacturer. The collection is available as an e-book, perfect bound softcover, and dust jacket hardcover at

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